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What we do…

The department has three main roles:

Advise and act for the Bishop and trustees on all matters pertaining to schools and colleges.
Advise and support the schools of the diocese in carrying out their mission as Catholic schools.
Provide information and advice to the Catholic community on the provision of Catholic education and access to it.

Bishop Declan has a special message of thanks for all our Head Teachers in this time of Lockdown.

Service for Pupil Chaplaincy and Education Mass

Commissioning of the Chaplaincy Teams

The Commissioning of Chaplaincy Teams will be celebrated in a different way this year.  We have tried to make the recorded service as interactive as possible. The service begins with a chaplaincy report from schools and colleges in the diocese. This is also available as a ppt on the website. Please choose a student or child to read the opening prayer, reading and psalm. Bishop Declan invites a representative from your school to give out the certificates and badges on his behalf.

We thank all the Chaplaincy Teams for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. Let the light of Jesus inside you burn brightly for all to see.

Order of Service for Pupil Chaplaincy 2020: Service for Pupil Chaplaincy 2020

PowerPoint of the Chaplaincy Report: Chaplaincy Report

Blank Chaplaincy Certificate: Chaplaincy Certificate blank

Education Mass

The last academic year has been extraordinary in Education. It is therefore important that we continue to celebrate the annual Mass that brings our school community members together as a diocesan family. As the Mass has been recorded this year we will come together at different times during Staff and Governors meetings or in classes at school. There will be an opportunity for all governors, staff and chaplains to renew their commitment to Catholic Education. We thank you all for your hard work, initiative and imagination that has enabled our schools and colleges to stay open.

Education Mass order of service: Education Mass November 2020



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