What we do…

The department has three main roles:

Advise and act for the Bishop and trustees on all matters pertaining to schools and colleges.
Advise and support the schools of the diocese in carrying out their mission as Catholic schools.
Provide information and advice to the Catholic community on the provision of Catholic education and access to it.


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R E Teaching Resources

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RE Inspections

Here you will find Denominational Reports (S48) for all our schools


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Meet the staff

Here we are:

Director for Schools and Colleges

Mrs Colleen Collett B.Ed, colleen.collett@cliftondiocese.com

Deputy Director

Mrs Ann Fowler, ann.fowler@cliftondiocese.com

Departmental Officer

Mrs Jenny Fitzgerald, jenny.fitzgerald@cliftondiocese.com

Office Administrator

Mr Graham Tiley, graham.tiley@cliftondiocese.com

Governance Officer

Mr Bill McEntee, bill.mcentee@cliftondiocese.com

Schools’ Projects Officer

Mr Paul Kehoe, paul.kehoe@cliftondiocese.com