Nomination Form for the Appointment of a new Foundation Governor/Director

  • If you are a governor applying for another term of office at the same school, do not complete this form but complete a ‘Renewing Governor Nomination Form’ available from If you are a Priest/Deacon in the Clifton Diocese do not complete this form but complete a ‘Clergy Nomination Form’ available from

Personal Details

  • Please note that to consider your application, this form may be shared with the school(s) you are being considered for and/or with the Catholic educational trust that the school may be part of (if applicable), so that they may contact you. If appointed, to the school or any other school, your name, address, telephone number(s) and email address may be shared with the school, the Catholic educational trust that the school may be part of (if applicable), and the Governors Services Team of the relevant Local Authority (if appropriate) so they may contact you about training and any other governor matter.

Other Information

  • To ensure that all our schools' governing bodies are effective, it is the Bishop’s expectation that all governors/directors attend appropriate governor training provided by the Diocese and/or a Local Authority.



Personal Statement

  • Finance/Budgets, Buildings/Maintenance, Personnel, recruitment, Employment Law, Parish work, Educational Community work, Safeguarding, Parenting, Health & Safety, Analyse data, Problem solving, Take on new concepts and knowledge and develop new skills, Literacy (English), Numeracy for basic data, Commitment and willingness to learn.
  • Please note: (a) the Bishop may decide not to make an appointment, if he considered that to do so would result in the school’s governing body having an undue number of Foundation Governors who are also eligible to be Parent and/or Staff Governors;(b) the diocese is not able to guarantee that you will be appointed to serve on the school of preference, or at all.



Questions relating to statutory disqualification


Declaration (please read, sign and date)

  • I wish to offer my services to the Diocese of Clifton in the ministry of foundation governor/director. If I am appointed as a foundation governor/director I will undertake to seek to: * preserve and develop the Catholic character of the school(s)/college(s) to which I am appointed * ensure the school is conducted in accordance with its By Laws and/or Articles of Association, which includes the provisions of: a) Canon law b) The Curriculum Directory and Bishops’ statements on religious education and c) Any Bishop/Diocesan directives relating to schools/colleges * govern the school in accordance with its Instrument of Government/By Laws/Articles of Association, as appropriate, and in particular its ethos statement * become familiar with, support and implement the policies and procedures of the diocese, including the Bishop’s policies on education, including religious education, and to present those policies to the governing body * consider not only the interest of the individual school, but the interests of other Catholic schools and colleges and of Catholic education throughout the diocese * respond to the needs of the Catholic community as a whole as represented by the Bishop * attend the Diocesan training on appointment and any other relevant training required to support me in my role as a foundation governor * in all actions serve as a witness to the Catholic faith. I give my consent, in accordance with the UK GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, for the information contained in this form to be processed and stored for the purposes of recruitment. I agree to tender my resignation as a foundation governor/director if my circumstances change so as to contravene the diocesan expectations at any time during the tenure of office or if, in the opinion of the Bishop, my resignation would be in the best interests of Catholic education in the diocese. I understand that I may not start my appointment until the Bishop has received confirmation of a satisfactory enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service certificate and that a check will be required as part of the recruitment process. Details of the Disclosure will be recorded and retained indefinitely on the National CSAS Confidential Database. I understand that the appointment of foundation governors/director is at the absolute discretion of the Diocesan Bishop. Because of the nature of the decision-making process, The Bishop is unable to engage in any discussion or correspondence with the applicant or any other person(s) including Parish Priests and schools, where the application does not result in appointment.
  • Please consider whether you are legally entitled to volunteer before applying for this role. For EU nationals, you will have the right to volunteer legally if you have: settled or pre-settled status; European Temporary leave to remain; or a visa which does not prevent you from volunteering. For non-EU nationals, you will have the right to volunteer legally if you have a visa which does not prevent you from volunteering. If you are unsure whether your immigration status permits you to volunteer, please contact the UK Borders and Immigration Agency.
  • Equal Opportunities:The Diocese of Clifton welcomes nominations from all members of the Catholic community, irrespective of race, colour, gender, age or disability.
  • Information provided on this form, together with all other personal data held about these individuals by the Parish and the Clifton Diocese, is processed in accordance with the Diocese’s Privacy Notice; which is available at or from the Parish Office.