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Consultations on Admissions

Any consultations for 2025-26 may appear on this website. 


Governor Training – Governors of Catholic Schools free online training 

The Catholic Education Service (CES) has developed online training modules to support all governors, that are free to enrol for and complete.

The first two modules ‘An Introduction to Catholic Education’ and ‘The Environment and Language of Catholic Education’ are on the CES Formatio Virtual Learning Environment website:  This training can be undertaken in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time for you and all governors are encouraged to undertake it to help them in their governor role.  


You can apply online to be a School Governor

Would you like to know about being a Foundation Governor?

If so, find out more from Governors, Headteachers and Bishop Declan in our Governors Video and from our Could you be a School Governor leaflet.

If you would like to apply to be a new Foundation Governor at a school within the Diocese, please complete our New Governor Nomination Form

If you are already a governor and wish to apply for another term of office at the same school, please complete our Renewing Governor Form

If you are a Priest or Deacon within the Diocese, please complete our Clergy Nomination Form

All applicants must also complete a Safeguarding  Self Declaration Form

For details of the schools within the Diocese that currently have vacancies for Foundation Governors (and also for MAT Directors), see our Schools with Governor Vacancies and MAT Director Vacancies  If you have any queries about the Foundation Governor role, please contact Bill McEntee, Governance Officer or on 07710094976.

You can apply online to be a Director at a Catholic Multi Academy Trust

The Catholic Educational Multi Academy Trusts in Clifton Diocese are:

– The Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust – consisting of 10 Catholic Primary Schools in Wiltshire, Somerset and North Somerset.

– The Cardinal Newman Catholic Educational Trust – consisting of 4 Catholic Primary Schools in Bristol and North Somerset.

The Little Way Catholic Educational Trust – consisting of 6 Catholic Primary Schools in Gloucestershire.

All the Trusts are looking to recruit Directors to join their Trust Boards. If you have enthusiasm and commitment, can take a strategic view and wish to support and sustain Catholic education, then you can make a valuable contribution to the governing board of one of these new Multi Academy Trusts. It also provides the opportunity to use your life/work skills and experience, to provide the best possible education for the children in our schools.

For further details and how to apply, please;

– see the Newman MAT Directors Application Pack

– for the Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust visit Vacancies | Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust (

– see the Little Way MAT Directors Application Pack 

Calling Chartered Accountants!

The Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust ( is seeking a qualified and experienced Chartered Accountant to join their Trust Board of Directors.  The Board is the accountable body of the Trust for the educational and financial performance of all its schools.  Amongst their wider functions, directors approve and scrutinise budgets and accounts of the Trust overall and the individual schools within the Trust to ensure financial probity and legal compliance with Company and Charity Law, as well as general directorship of the Trust.  This is a good opportunity to use your skills and experience to help support Catholic schools and their pupils.  For further information, please contact Bill McEntee, Governance Office, Clifton Diocese via or 07710094976

Clerk to Governors

One way to support Catholic education in the Diocese, is to become a ‘Clerk to Governors’ for the governing body of one of our schools. For details of the schools within the Diocese that currently have a vacancy for a Clerk to Governors, see our Schools with Schools with Clerk to Governor Vacancies list.




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