Students from St Peter RC High School Gloucester once again joined 8,000 other young people at FLAME the largest Catholic Youth Event in the country at the OVO Arena Wembley on Saturday 4th March.

The theme of this year’s gathering was ‘Rise Up.’

It was wonderful to be with so many young people celebrating their faith through music, drama and inspirational life experiences shared by our speakers. Cardinal Tagle really touched and inspired our students with his sharing on the angels in our lives who journey with us and encourage us to rise up and follow God’s call. He shared stories of his grandparents and parents who had been inspirations encouraging, shaping and inspiring his own life and vocation

Cardinal Tagle also encouraged us to look and listen for the angels that God sends to us.

Adeniké, who had been a contestant on The Voice shared how going to Flame had inspired her life journey and she shared the wonderful gift of her voice with us which was truly amazing. Our friend from our IGNITE praise and worship gatherings at St Peter’s, GuvnaB was, usual, an amazing unifier getting us all up and dancing!

Special thanks must go to Mgr Liam Slattery and the Gloucester Deanery parishes, and the Catenians who generously subsidised the day for our young people.

Mandy Baker, Chaplain St Peter’s RC High School, Gloucester

Here are some reflections from our students

The most important message I believe I learnt today is that God has made sure that everyone has a purpose in life. My favourite speakers were Cardinal Tagle and Adeniké, as they’re stories were very personal and inspiring. I learnt from Cardinal Tagle that God has put angels in our lives to help and guide us, and I learnt from Adeniké that even if your nervous you can make a difference in the world. Instead of leaving the arena today not intending of changing anything, I am going to tell others about my day and the things I have learnt, including others who attend my churches’ youth club. Thank you Miss Baker, I really enjoyed myself (Year 11 student)

Thank you very much for taking me to Flame- it was very fun. I think the two things that made it special to me was the amount of young people who share a similar faith. The other thing that particularly stood out to me was when Cardinal Tagle talked about who his angels were and asked “who are your angels in your life” and it made me think of all these people who I take for granted but never thank for inspiring me/being there for me. (Year 9 student)

At Flame I was really inspired by three people the most and that was Cardinal Tagle who inspired me to find my purpose in God and life as well, and helped me understand that it takes time and hard work to rise up. I also really enjoyed Jenny’s speech. Jenny works with CAFOD’s church partner FUNVIPAS (Pastoral Action Team of the Diocese of San Vicente del Caguán) in the Colombian Amazon. I really relate to her in trying to help and find source to stop global warming and help those in need, which got me researching about volunteering on my gap year, so far I would love to go to Thailand and Costa Rica, and lastly Adeniké, who never gave up on chasing her dreams in pursuing music and how going to Flame gave her the strength and determination to rise up. (Year 12 student)